French Inspiration…

French Patisserie; my latest discovery post my baking lessons. I decided to check out patisseries local to me to learn and enjoy those little elegances that mesmerize many. After visiting just one and seriously it was probably more like an ‘expat’ version of a French Patisserie. However I began to feel that mesmerism was an understatement.

I was in love!

cocorico patisserie

The flavours, textures, the praline cream; awe! I ended up gobbling chocolate and orange sables (first time I ever tried these) with pot of their lovely cinnamon spiced tea and taking home five of their elegances. The day couldn’t get any better 🙂

cocorico patisserie
Paris-Brest with Praline Cream

Cocorico Patisserie – French cakes in Cardiff. For every person looking for  ‘miniature elegances’ and a pastry shop a little French. They even bake fresh breads on site. cocorico patisserie IMAG0370


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