Cream Cheese Semi Spheres

Cream Cheese Semi Spheres
Cream Cheese Semi Spheres

Little elevensies treat that I baked today. I used the medium (labelled as light) Philadelphia cream cheese and 55% dark chocolate chips although the recipe suggested a 70% version. Tips: Take the cream cheese out from fridge just-in-time (JIT) before the creaming process.

Cream cheese + Unsalted butter
Cream cheese + Unsalted butter

I didn’t have any specific moulds for these so I decided to put my silicon cake pop mould to use (have not baked cake pops to date!)

Used the cake pop mould
Work in progress –> cake pop mould
cream cili
Chocolate marble effect…

Lovely cream cheese semi spheres with a pot of freshly brewed Darjeeling tea in my first ever bone china cup that I bought at a charity market for 50p…How I wish the lady at the stall had more to sell to me 🙂

I realise you do need these kind of micro moments to yourselves to just re-coup, re-energise and re-organise your thought process.

There is more to life than trying to increase its speed – M.K Gandhi

Darjeeling brew... :-)
Darjeeling brew… 🙂

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