Creamy Coconut Vegetables

Or in Malay, sayur masak lemak. I have used pra-boiled cauliflower florets and carrots for this recipe.

A beautifully creamy dish from Malaysia. It’s a rich and spicy yellow coconut gravy with endless combinations of meat, poultry, seafood and vegetables.

As usual the original dish contains some hard to find in Britain ingredients so this is when your creative intelligence kicks in, and you learn to improvise with scarce resources.

Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun – Einstein

I substituted turmeric roots to just turmeric powder, turmeric leaves with kaffir lime leaves, asam gelugur (tamarind slices) with ripe cherry tomatoes.

Use of belacan (or terasi in Indonesian language) I.e. fermented shrimp paste is entirely optional.

Main ingredients  Paste: Red onions, green and red chillies, garlic, ginger, cherry tomatoes
Main ingredients

If you are in Britain, you will be able to purchase coconut milk in tins from most supermarkets. Also I normally stock up on frozen lime leaves and lemon grass from Waitrose. Sometimes I find it hard to get hold on fresh lime leaves and lemon grass from my local supermarkets due to the fact I live in a low Asian population location.

Paste: Blitz up red onions, green and red chillies, garlic, ginger, ripe cherry tomatoes, turmeric powder
Other ingredients: Thick and creamy coconut milk, coriander leaves, lime leaves, red chillies and belacan (optional)

I served this dish with boiled rice and delicious imported Terengganu (a beautiful Eastern state in Malaysia) fish crackers.

cream cili
Served with plain boiled rice and fish crackers 🙂

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