Coffee Bun – The CreamCili Way

Developing from the same bread rolls recipe (, I made some yummy Coffee Buns (aka. Mexican Coffee Buns / Rotiboy / Paparoti).

You would find these buns in almost every bakery in Malaysia. I eat way too many of them every time I’m home and seriously wonder why I am never able to find these here in Britain.

I somewhat knew the buns did not originate from Malaysia, yet remained clueless after reading various sources on the net for its exact beginning.

coffee bun

On a brighter note, trust me these are really delicious and really simple to make.

Recipe Coffee Icing

100g Butter (Unsalted)
90g Icing Sugar
90g Egg Approx. 1.5 large eggs
100g Plain flour
6g Instant Coffee + 15ml Hot water –> Makes about 18ml of coffee mixture
1/4 tsp. Approx. 2g Vanilla Essence
1/8 tsp. Approx. 1g Salt

10-15g Cold cubes of salted butter – place in the middle of the dough before balling it up for the final 1 hour sitting (see bread roll recipe on link above)

1. Cream Butter and Icing Sugar, Add the eggs, Add flour + salt, Finally add in the coffee mixture and vanilla essence.

2. Pipe the mixture over the buns (post final sitting). Bake at 180C for 15mins

You have to set aside 2.5++ hours for dough preparing time and 15mins for baking. May seem long winded.

As with any bread making process…

Patience is pro!

coffee bun


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