Caramel Banana Madeleines

caramel banana madeleine

Amalgamation of couple of recipes and the love for Bananas!
I have been experimenting and tweaking to perfect the recipe.

And not to mention the infatuation for these little French butter cakes, Madeleines!

Tasteful, petit, can be made in advance and easy to make..

Base Ingredients

100g Plain Flour
¾ tsp or 3g baking powder
30g caster sugar
20g golden caster sugar
70g Unsalted butter
30g Salted butter                  (All butters melted and Cooled)
110g eggs (Approx. 2 medium eggs)

Caramel Sauce (Double it and use half for decoration)

20g Granulated Sugar
20ml Cream
5g Liquid glucose
5ml Water

1) Sugar + LG + Water in a good saucepan on medium heat
2) Let it bubble and turn quite brown (patience!)
3) Remove from heat, add in Cream slowly, stir.
4) Cool slightly before use. Reheat as necessary (for decoration)
I actually do not mind the chunks of caramel (when it cools down), I take it as a pleasing rustic feature of the recipe 🙂

(Makes approx.. 25-30g of Caramel Sauce)

Caramel Banana

80g Banana (Approx. I medium)
20g Granulated Sugar
5g Liquid glucose
5ml Water
1) Smash banana using a fork
2) Sugar + LG + Water in a good saucepan on medium heat
3) Let it bubble and turn quite brown (we looking for a bitter taste)
4) Add the banana, on low heat cook for approx. 30 seconds
5) Cool before use

(Makes approx.. 90g of Caramel Sauce)

Method (Makes 12-15 Madeleines)
1. Beat eggs and sugar on low to medium till pale and frothy
2. Add in melted butter, caramel sauce (30g) and caramel banana (90g), whisk gentlycaramel banana madeleine
3. Fold in Flour + bp using the whisk
4. Cover the bowl with cling film, leave it in the fridge for 45mins minimum, best kept overnight.
5. When ready to bake, preheat oven, brush melted butter over the mould and flour it (very important)
6. Bake at 190c – 5 mins, switch off the oven – 1 min and 160c – 5 mins (total 11 mins)

Serve with whipped cream, caramel sauce and caramelised walnuts !!

Yumm… Best eaten within the hour of baking. 🙂

caramel banana madeleine


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