Beurre Noisette Cupcake with Chocolate Buttercream

‘Mastery of cupcakes – flavours beyond fondants’

brown butter cupcakeBeurre Noisette (Burr-Nwah-Zet), French term for brown butter or hazelnut butter (referring to its colour 🙂 ).

Heated further in pan beyond melted point, butter separates into butterfat and milk solids.

I came across browned butter when I was searching the internet for a completely different foody information (typical of me to sway away from intended mission!!)…

Simplest of ingredient sometimes adds amazing flavours. And brown butter did just that!

Nutty and slightly caramelly…

Swapping normal butter to browned butter in a basic recipe of mine, the cupcakes turned out rather delectable!

I swirled them with chocolate buttercream, enhancing the nuttiness that little further

Basic Recipe – Makes 8-10 cupcakes

100g unsalted butter
25g salted butter

(Browned beyond melted point, for approx. 5 minutes on medium heat – refrigerate after cooled to solidify)
(Solidify only to the point it is still soft enough to beat)

I never use a strainer to remove the milk solids as suggested by some videos on YouTube.

Why remove the finest parts, I ask?

(**Butter will reduce down to approx.. 100g after browning**)
(**My rule of thumb – for every 5 minutes beyond melted point, add 25g of butter**)

Buerre Noisette
Buerre Noisette

80g golden caster sugar
20g soft brown sugar
100g self raising flour
½ tsp. bp
½ tsp. vanilla paste
100-110g egg (Approx. 2 medium eggs)


1. Cream brown butter and sugars.
2. Add eggs (lightly beaten) in 3-4 batches
3. Add vanilla paste
4. Add flour + bp in 3-4 batches (final batch beat on low setting / use spatula to avoid overbeating)
5. Bake at 180c for 20-25mins

Chocolate buttercream brown butter cupcake

130g unsalted butter
1g of salt (A big pinch) (Optional if you like saltiness in your cream…)
110g icing sugar (Final 10g of sugar to be added at the end, use spatula)
50g dark chocolate chips (50% cocoa) (Melted in microwave on high for about 1min)

brown butter cupcakes


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