Best of strawberries…

My goldie friends here in Britain often reflected on the past where they only ate particular fruit or vegetables during their seasonal availabilities unlike today where products are imported to provide availability ‘all year round’.

Fruits and vegetables supposed to taste their grandest in season…

Brought up in Malaysia, I can somewhat agree to that. I remember having ‘durian season’ and ‘rambutan season’…and you find abundance of these fruits sold along the road during particular time period and they are almost non-existent after that. You never really go searching for them after but patiently await for the next season.

I suppose – Simpler life, less demand, we went with the flow of availabilities…

Now the sun is shining! Finally it’s feels more like British June.

Time for strawberries, best ingredient in season! 🙂

I feel ‘strawberries’ symbolises the approaching summer. You  could easily fall in love with this vibrant berry and they are super nice complement to British sweet scones.

Clotted creamed, dribbled in jam and topped with red juicy strawberries.

sweet scones

From June (well this month onwards), every month, I am setting myself (and family of course) to eat to season. I will be picking seasonal ingredients from BBC Food Season’s page and try something old and new with them 🙂

I’m starting off with best of strawberries…

Would love to hear from anyone else planning to ‘eat to season’ or aspiring similar projects?

Sweet scones recipe (A recipe from my 82 year old friend)
(Makes approx. 10 scones)

225g Self raising flour (++ for rolling)
57g Salted butter (Straight from fridge)
30g Caster sugar
145ml full cream milk (Blue cap) (Straight from fridge) (+ approx. 10ml to glaze)


1. Rub butter with flour, add in caster sugar.
2. Make a well and add milk, use spatula to mix well. Dough will be sticky.
3. Use two parchment paper, flour the top and roll it out to approx. 1.5cm, use cutter.
(Used a 6cm cutter, took it from my baby girl’s toy baking set –> logical choice since I didn’t have a flowery cutter 🙂 )
4. Glaze the top with milk. Bake at 200-200c (depending on oven) for about 10-13mins.


Sweet scones


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