Food Revolution

Why did CreamCili decided to be part of Food Revolution?

Adoration for cooking and baking, aspire to reach people with my culinary creativity and special interest in real and fresh food

That really sums it up 🙂

The petition for Food education in schools, seriously I thought it was already happening in schools in Britain. When I was in school in Malaysia, we had the awesome subject of Kemahiran Hidup (translates as Life Skills), a subject closely linked to Home Economies.

Much loved by me and my friends (anything to get away from the mundane theories)!
We were taught basics of carpentry, electrical and electronics (I excelled in electronics!), sewing and cooking.
It was in one of my cooking classes that I first discovered Japanese tofu and later on introduced this delicious egg tofu to my family.

My personal opinion, kids should experience cooking! My baby bakes with me and I can see how much she loves to know her food, and she is my best critique.

Having said that, as far as food education in school goes, I learnt a lorry load more about cooking from my mother than I did in one 45 mins lesson a week in school but it was definitely fun learning together with friends, the knowledge grasp was greater when placed among peers.

Conclusion, being part of Food Revolution posed an exciting challenge for CreamCili, and its a challenge I look forward to take up till next Food Revolution Day 2016….


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