Kuih Ketayap @ Surlapam


I got an extra baby roaming around the house,  requesting for food all the time, sometimes grumpy, sometimes bored but most of the time happily messing away my already messy house…

Don’t we all just love summer holidays 🙂

Thou I’ve been baking, cooking and desserting away all my creatives, I simply lacked precious hours to blog. I decided to blog in between the chaos of summer.

Kuih Ketayap or Surlapam (Rolled Apam) a teatime favourite in our home in Malaysia.

Toasted shredded coconut covered in palm sugar then rolled in plain flour pancakes, a relaxing treat with freshly brewed tea.

I used Gula Melaka (palm sugar), for the best flavour, however dark soft brown sugar are good too.
Best place to find shredded coconut would be in an Indian store, they are usually available frozen.

For this super simple, no recipe treat, I could only provide a pictorial tutorial  🙂

Liquidify the palm sugar using hot water
Toast shredded coconut (without any oil)
Add in the palm sugar syrup – stir constantly
Pancakes made out of plain flour, luke warm water and pinch of salt



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