Roti Bakar Gula

When I was munching away my ‘second’ breakfast at work, my intrigued boss asked me;

‘What you having?’

Hesitant for a moment, I uttered ‘Toast with abundance of butter sprinkled with caster sugar’…

I stopped and waited for her reactions..

None, I continued ‘Well I know I’m weird and wonderful..’ and smiled.

She hmmmned and with a smile bigger than mine replied;

’Gosh that sounds yumm!’

Splendid it was. A typical Malaysian breakfast which now my baby girl too adores, reminds me so much of my childhood.

Roti Bakar Gula or Sugared Bread Toast…best made with lightly salted butter and generous sprinkles of sugar is one of the permanent breakfast menu at local Kopitiams (in Hokkien or Hakka language, translates as Coffee Shop). And we had many of those around where I grew up in state of Perak.

I could still smell the coffees made at these rustic vintage shops…everything so droolingly tasty.

Goes so well with some freshly brewed coffee or teh O (black tea).

Roti Bakar Gula
Roti Bakar Gula

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