Dwtty Cupcake Galore..

March is a month of celebration in our household.

This is the month I had my first born after a hundred pages of pregnancy stories and two hundred pages of labour stories.
She was born weighing just 5 pound ++ and nurses in the post labour ward fondly nicknamed her ‘Dwt’, which is a Welsh expression for a tiny child!

As tiny as she was she brought gigantic amount of meaning and joy into our lives…(and zillion hours of deprived sleep)

This year for her birthday, I decided to bake Dwtty – miniature cupcakes..

A galore of them…!Q18
For the first time, we decided to invite her whole class – all 25 of them, we did! and spent crazy amount of time planning the crafty tea party.

Craft 2 – Bird gliders…

I baked almost ninety of these miniatures. All splendidly ‘nom nomed’ by baby girl’s little friends.

I forayed into spiced, zesty orange and chocolaty cakes (recipes to be posted in future post 🙂 ) .
The orange version was topped with simple less sugar buttercream and sprinkles or good strawberry jam,



while the chocolate versions were decorated with crushed oreo buttercream, and had a number of appreciative comments.


We couldn’t have asked for a better day for the party with the Welsh rains keeping away, letting us have glimpses of the spring like sun..well and truly a day for our baby girl Surya, who was named after the Sun God 🙂

Not the clearest picture..still trying to figure out my latest Android tool x

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