Onam Celebrations

We were invited to Onam celebrations recently, an event organised close to our village.

Onam is a major celebration celebrated in one of the southern states of India, Kerala.

A brief introduction, from my perspective that is…

Historically during the British Empire period, the Indians who migrated to Malaysia were mostly from the Southern states of India with Tamil Nadu being the highest exporter of migrant workers. On the same count, some of my childhood friends in Malaysia trace their ancestry to Kerala…

As with Deepavali, a major celebration in the state of Tamil Nadu and people of origin (like myself), Onam celebrations in Malaysia is more of a trickled affair, by ‘trickled’ I mean it is not as exactly as how our ancestors would have celebrated it however attempts are made to closely resemble it, as far as memory permits.
In honesty, I as a third generation of Indian origin from Malaysia, we have somewhat lost a few details and gained a few. It is memories that guide me with my heritage today and too will help guide my children…

People from Kerala mostly speak in Malayalam language, a language closely related to Tamil, my mother language.

Through this closeness of language and friendship, I have come to like and fall in love with many Malayalam movies and have great appreciation for their music.

And at the Onam celebration, undoubtedly I have fallen in love with THEIR FOOD too…

WOW was the word I could describe it!

We were served with almost 15 DIFFERENT TYPES OF DISHES on a banana leaf replicate, some came in tiny quantities, some served in abundance, and on the whole we were super filled.
They were pen ultimately finished off with Cherupayar Payasam or as we refer to it in Tamil Pachapeyar Payasam (made with green moong dhal and coconut milk) for dessert.

Post planned activities, the day concluded with delicious sugar high milk tea and fried lentil cakes or parupa vadai..

Since the day, I have been on search for Kerala recipes online in hope to recreate…

Grateful to have found Indu’s International Kitchen, a sweet and straightforward little blog and you can read more about Onam foodery on her site.

My baby boy who sat down ever so calmly for his share…
(and the rest was a messy history 🙂 )



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