Gol Gappa for Elevenses

Pani Puri or fondly known as Gol gappa…

Filled crispy mini puris dipped in sweet spicy tamarind water… 



I remember asking my husband about them after watching ‘Gol gappi’ session in one of my all time favi Hindi movie Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi..

But it stopped there.

Recent times, I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to try them out at a Gujarati eatery. Few more visits later, last weekend I returned home with a pack of 50 mini puris.

I had the strong intentions to replicate or innovate.

Today these replicates were my Elevenses treat ! 

Fillings; chickpeas, chopped onions, coriander leaves, Indian mixture and a touch of masala powder.

Masala powder: Chilli powder ‘a little’ or chopped fresh chillies or chilli flakes or Chat Masala (available from Indian grocery shops).

There are variety of sauce/water versions served as dips.. I have tried the spicy water version, however I definitely preferred the sweet sour spicy tamarind water which I believe is known as Meetha Chutney, this is the recipe  I used.

As always, I am not a strict follower of measurements within cookery and use the ‘agak agak je la’ techniques (translates ‘as per individual taste’).
You should be able to buy freshly made mini puris from an Indian sweet shop or traditional eatery spots.

Definitely a treat that you could get easily hooked on…as I DID!

Happy weekend everyone..








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