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I’m a Malaysian of Indian descent living in the United Kingdom with my babies and husband. Cooking and baking been a small time passion for me since my formative years.
I learnt mostly under the tutelage of my mother who is a ‘wonderful-wonderful’ cook, baker and an avid learner.

She had a little red book which contained some of her best, tried and tested recipes.
It was the only recipe book we the children knew.
They were almost all baking recipes.
There was a story behind each and every recipe she wrote in the book. Where she had them from, who gave her the technical knowledge, her experiments, to stories about how in those days people invited neighborhood women into their home kitchen for an informal cooking demonstrations of new found or requested recipes.
I remember being present in a few of them myself.

CreamCili is ‘my’ little red book.

Chronicles of my baking and cooking journey, a wishful e-book for my children and everyone else.

Creativity is all about sharing.

My cooking styles infuse just about everything Malaysian (mainly Malay, Chinese, Indian cuisines) and my recently learnt Western World tastes.

This is a blog long overdue 🙂

And thank you all for reaching CreamCili!.



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  1. I nominated you for the Liebster award! I love your minimalist approach 😉 http://www.inthefoodlab.com/liebster/


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