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Never is yours..

It’s certainly ‘quite’ relaxing creaming a freshly baked cake..
Trying your best to cover every bit of the cake,
Those corners, those little edges you accidentally scrapped, or broke off removing from the bake pan,

And you begin to realise too, your cake is non symmetrical horizontally or vertically and at certain spots both!
You pinch yourself for your sloppy work,

You TOO come to that submissive acceptance,
Damn you! You made less cream than you would wanted, AGAIN!
With the littlest idea to why you do this to yourself every time,



mothers day 5

Nevertheless, none of these thoughts affect you,
You are still in your creaming world,
You remain quite relaxed,
You remain quite tranquil,

This cake, made as a gift for yourself, for mothering Sunday,
This Sunday that is,
You forget about ‘You CAN’T eat it all by yourself’ for a minute,
You forget about ‘You HAVE to share till you die’ for a second,

You daughter, now in your creaming space, in pursuit of her share,

You take the opportunity to be sorry for you..

Me: NO ONE bakes me a cake in this house!
Baby girl: Oh Amma, I would if I could, but I CAN’T! But I love you very much.

Her favourite get – out phrase of statement,
The sprinkle of love must be seasonal,
It’s Mother’s day weekend after all,

Sensing cake is incomplete, she continues reading her third book of the day..

Just in time (for the cake) you hear your hubby,
He comes home REMINDing you about some initiative he started,
You nod,
Now you start to recollect the information,
As quickly as you could,
But you couldn’t because you forgot all about it the minute he finished,
You just continue nodding,

That initiative has significantly contributed to his excellent performance at work,
Rewarded by peers he is beaming with pride,

You take another OPPORTUNITY..

Me: Let’s celebrate, I baked a cake for YOU!!!!!






mothers day 6



Deepavali Sponge

Hence it was Deepavali celebrations on Saturday and we had massive fun cooking big meals, decorating the prayer alter with plenty of flowers and wonderful smelling incense sticks, Skyping with my families in two time-zones and laughing, watching my baby boy stuck to my legs the moment we set the fire works up.

Simply a celebrative excuse to share this recipe..

I think I have perfected this recipe after ample trialling, and I’m finally happy giving it a space on my blog.

Every recipe is a research.
– CreamCili


Basic sponge – The CreamCili Way

160c (fan assisted oven)
175c (other oven types)
7-8 inch round cake tin / regular sized loaf tin


200g Lidl Vita D’or Butter
160g Golden caster sugar
40g Granulated sugar
200g Self raising flour
3g / 1 tsp. Baking powder
230g eggs (Approx. 4 large) – lightly beaten
1 tsp. Vanilla paste
60ml milk (I’ve tried with both Red and Blue cap milk, both turns out as good)

1. Sift flour with bp. and keep aside.
2. Cream butter with sugars on high speed for approx. 5 mins – electric mixer.
3. Add eggs in 5-6 batches, beating on medium speed after each batch. Add a little flour as necessary.
4. Add vanilla paste and beat.
5. Fold in the flour in 4-5 batches.
6. Add milk at the end and fold well.
7. Bake for approx. 45-55 mins.

Why? Lidl Vita D’or Butter
Its primary made out of Rapeseed oil and (best of all) buttermilk!! And it has a touch of saltiness creating a quintessential sponge.


Here’s the buttercream recipe posted in a previous post. This recipe is more buttery than sugary hence please do avoid keeping out in warmer temperatures. 🙂

Be good to hear your thoughts guys.




Dwtty Cupcake Galore..

March is a month of celebration in our household.

This is the month I had my first born after a hundred pages of pregnancy stories and two hundred pages of labour stories.
She was born weighing just 5 pound ++ and nurses in the post labour ward fondly nicknamed her ‘Dwt’, which is a Welsh expression for a tiny child!

As tiny as she was she brought gigantic amount of meaning and joy into our lives…(and zillion hours of deprived sleep)

This year for her birthday, I decided to bake Dwtty – miniature cupcakes..

A galore of them…!Q18
For the first time, we decided to invite her whole class – all 25 of them, we did! and spent crazy amount of time planning the crafty tea party.

Craft 2 – Bird gliders…

I baked almost ninety of these miniatures. All splendidly ‘nom nomed’ by baby girl’s little friends.

I forayed into spiced, zesty orange and chocolaty cakes (recipes to be posted in future post 🙂 ) .
The orange version was topped with simple less sugar buttercream and sprinkles or good strawberry jam,



while the chocolate versions were decorated with crushed oreo buttercream, and had a number of appreciative comments.


We couldn’t have asked for a better day for the party with the Welsh rains keeping away, letting us have glimpses of the spring like sun..well and truly a day for our baby girl Surya, who was named after the Sun God 🙂

Not the clearest picture..still trying to figure out my latest Android tool x

Cranberry and Toasted Almonds Cupcakes


Feels good to have time to blog again after what seemed like endless waves of fibre optic issues, toddler teething, shop hopping and festivals.

This beautiful recipe came from my baker friend Linda with whom I often exchange recipes, bakes and tips.
I could very much dedicate a whole section of my blog just for her Danish influenced recipes, many of which I have yet to trial out.

The recipe was originally baked in a loaf tin, which have been improvised slightly into cupcakes.

Cranberry with Toasted Almonds Cupcakes – with light fluffy buttercream.

Oven 175c – 25mins


28g  Sweetened Cranberries
24g Toasted Almonds Flakes
90g Soft brown sugar
60g Granulated sugar
165g Olive oil spread (I used Lidl’s own brand or Bertolli)
165g Self raising flour + 1 tbps. Plain flour
3 large eggs (Approx. 170-175g) (Lightly beaten)
1 tsp. b.p
1 tsp. Ground cinnamon
1 tsp. Vanilla essence

1. Sift flour, b.p, and cinnamon in a separate bowl.
2. Toss sweetened cranberries in spoonful of plain flour.
3. Beat sugars with spread till fluffy.
4. Add egg in 4 – 5 batches. Add spoonful of flour mixture as necessary.
5. Add in vanilla essence.
6. Sift and fold in flour mixture in 3 – 4 batches, use spatula to avoid over beating.
7. Spoon mixture to 1/3 of the cupcake case, sprinkle cranberries and toasted almonds. Repeat at 2/3, and cover the top with remaining mixture. I find this works best to spread and even out, compared to adding the almonds and cranberries directly into mixture.
8. Bake and cool before piping the icing over the top.

**I’ve pipped in homemade cranberry sauce in the centre of the cupcakes – which is optional. I of course underestimated the sourness of the cranberries and made batches with overpowering sourness. The sauce was made with ratio of 60g sugar: 20g of fresh cranberries (which is still sourish however works well with the whirls of buttercream).


Light buttercream – now this is a recipe for ‘bakers looking for less sugar but still can’t dream of giving up on buttercream yet!’

50g salted butter (softened)
40g Trex / Vegetable Fat
60g Icing Sugar
1 tsp. vanilla paste

As normal, cream butter and vegetable fat till light and fluffly (Approx. 5 mins on medium-high speed)
Add vanilla paste. On low speed,  mix in sifted icing sugar.

And before I get hidden again, Happy New Year everyone.

Petit BaraBrith

I was part of rugby sweepstakes at work with an informal prerequisite.
At every knock out, the applicable person are required to bake / cook food from their respective nations.

Soon we were enjoying assortment for elevenses; from courgette cupcakes (noted to be the national food of Samoa – which I so doubt), Fijian baked sweet potatoes to Scotland shortbreads.

When it came to my turn, I was still recovering from the shocking game lost by Wales.

I decided to make petit barabrith.

Barabrith, a scrum(my) Welsh fruit loaf made with tea, served with spread of salted butter.


Another recipe that I have improvised, tried and tested on unaccountable times.
Notably, once I baked these without any egg for a Hindu temple event (substituted with 1 tsp. of bicarbonate soda), and back in year 2012, I baked two loaves amid my last minute packing and taken them on-board my journey back to Malaysia, marked ‘specially’ for my dad.

Why petit version?

These should be baked at 150c, and in a loaf tin, could take between 1 – 1 ½ hours (also varies depending on individual ovens).
My petit versions bakes in lesser 30 minutes (35 minutes if you prefer these crusty).
Definitely best way to nibble too 🙂


290ml Hot water
2 tea bags (strength: strong)
200g Mixed dried fruits (Typically; Raisins, Currants, Orange peels)
195g Light Muscovado sugar
284g Self raising flour
60g Egg (Approx. 1 large egg)
½ tsp. vanilla essence
1g salt (Approx. a pinch)


1. Soak tea bags in hot water for 2-3 minutes. Remove.
2.  Add in the fruits to the tea, add vanilla essence. Soak for minimum 1 hour – overnight.
**I typically leave it to soak and cool, then refrigerate overnight.
3. Strain the fruits from the tea. Keep aside.
4. Beat egg till fluffy, using a strainer add the remaining tea.
5. Add in the sugar and salt. Mix well.
6. Now sift in the flour in 3-4 batches and whisk gently after each batch.
7. Stir in the fruits towards the end. It is a runny mixture.


8. Scoop into mould / loaf tin (lined) and bake at 150c;
Tin: 1 -1 ½ hours (last ½ hour at top deck)
Cake pop mould: 30-35mins (last 15-20mins at top deck)
9. Leave to cool for 5-10mins before removing from mould / tin. Serve with salted butter.

A simple yet delicious tea time favourite. Best served with ‘of course’ more freshly brewed tea.