Sambal Tofu

I still remember those hot Friday afternoons when I rush home from school for lunch time, having worked so hard (WELL that’s how I viewed my teen life to be 🙂 ), knackered and super happy its finally weekend! Malaysian school finishes earlier on Fridays to allow Muslims to observe their Solat Jumaat secara berjemaah…

Sprats – deep fried the mi-way

In season: July to April (UK) Greater similarity to my favourite Anchovy or Ikan Bilis Besar… I wanted to know how they taste like and seek out if they are compatible with an Asian recipe.. Specifically the Malaysian Indian (mi) way 🙂 I paid just ÂŁ0.94 for about 15 of these tiny fish at my local supermarket…..

Watercress Sambar

Ever since Channel 4 documented watercress as ‘the’ superfood, I have been trying to include them in our diet. Research shows it contains more calcium than milk! I’m in! I only ever encounter them when they are included in a mixed salad bag and that would be the only time my family consume them. Historically,…

Curried Banana Peppers

Baby group day today, this day every week my boy gets to meet other babies in the village. Stealthily I choose to catch up on this blog instead.. 🙂 My excuse; well it’s pouring heavily outside and I was feeling the cold a lot more today than I normally do! Banana peppers (well I think that’s what they are…

Salmon fishcakes with Creme au Chili

A simple amuse bouche with an experimental crème au chili, I served yesterday… Loved the sophistication touch, a rare happening in a household with two babies. Salmon fish is fairly new to our diet, having been introduced to this fish when I first came to reside in Britain. I delight in its earthy taste and steaky flesh….