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I’m always surprised at myself, how, despite having an overloaded kitchen, never having any room for anything anymore, (and complaining about it too),  yet I manage to find a spot right on top of my largest cake tray to dry my baby girl’s painted figurines !

I think it’s not really a question of how? but a why? 🙂


On a festive note…

My first ever post via my mobile phone…

The first and last for 2016 🙂

Think I cracked it, unusure why I never done it before,

Definitely increases possibilities for regular shorter posts,

For 2017,

I have readers from approx. 17 countries,  and I read blogs from all over the world, to all of you, thank you, I’m not a regular wordpresser, but each and every one of them were written with passion and thought,

To 2017,

Have a lovely lovely Christmas and a fantastic start to the year,

With love..



Nomination – Liebster Award!

The Liebster Blog Award must have originated from Germany (with the word meaning ‘favourite’) and is given by bloggers to bloggers.

Wow! I’m chuffed by another recognition for my super young blog by another blogger. 🙂

Many thanks Cher @ InTheFoodLab, an honour!

In return I would love to nominate one newly discovered blog…

Juliet @ Juliet’s Sweets – a very young baker who accomplished art of macaron, simply amazing!

– CreamCili –