Never is yours..

It’s certainly ‘quite’ relaxing creaming a freshly baked cake..
Trying your best to cover every bit of the cake,
Those corners, those little edges you accidentally scrapped, or broke off removing from the bake pan,

And you begin to realise too, your cake is non symmetrical horizontally or vertically and at certain spots both!
You pinch yourself along the way with your own telling-off,

You too come to that submissive acceptance,
Damn you! You made less cream than you would wanted, AGAIN!
Too thinking why do you do this to yourself every time,



mothers day 5

Nevertheless, none of these thoughts affect you,
You are still in your creaming world,
You remain quite relaxed,
You remain quite tranquil,

This cake, made as a gift for yourself, for mothering Sunday this Sunday that is,
You forget about ‘You can’t eat it all by yourself’ for a minute,
You forget about ‘You have to share till you die’ for a second,

You daughter, now in your creaming space, in pursuit of her share,

You take opportunity to be sorry for you..

Me: No one bakes me a cake in this house!
Baby girl: Oh Amma, I would if I could, but I CAN’T!

Her favourite get – out phrase of statement,
Sensing cake is incomplete, she continues reading her third book of the day..

Just in time (for the cake) you hear your hubby,
He comes home reminding you about some initiative he started,
Which you forgot all about within seconds of him finishing his elaborate story weeks ago,
And how that initiative significantly contributed to his excellent performance at work,
Rewarded by peers he is beaming with pride,

You take another opportunity..

Me: Let’s celebrate, I baked a cake for YOU!!!!!





mothers day 6